The Colt IQ Network: the key infrastructure to Capital Markets in Asia Pacific.

Fully owned, end-to-end, Cloud integrated, high-bandwidth network. Used by the financial industry for mission critical systems. Unmatched SLAs. The Colt IQ Network could be just what your organisation is looking for, especially if they are involved in Capital Markets.

Spotlight on Singapore

Colin Cargill, Sales Director at Linimex Ltd, Colt Technology Services biggest UK partner, offers an insight in to the Singapore Metro: an end-to-end, fully owned fibre network that provides high bandwidth solutions to enterprise and wholesale customers. Fully integrated to the Cloud, the flexibility that this solution can offer capital markets customers is not to be ignored.

Singapore is becoming a major data centre hub for financial and capital markets in the Asia Pacific. With more than 50 data centres in the island state, it is ranked amongst the top three most dynamic data centre markets in the world. Seen by Chinese companies as a gateway to the global market, and in the same time zone as Hong Kong and with much less political risk, it is an attractive location to base your organisation’s network to serve the Asia-Pacific.

Singapore: a key location for global connectivity.

The Colt IQ Network is, in our opinion, the best way for clients to access this data centre hub. With our Tier-3 facilities located in Jurong East, 15 minutes from the financial district, the Colt IQ Network offers unmatched end-to-end solutions, connecting Singapore to Europe and North America across 51 cities and 29 countries, all served through our fully owned network.

In Singapore itself, Colt’s high-bandwidth optical wavelength services directly appeals to carriers, enterprises, operators, and OTT players whose businesses all depend upon high-bandwidth between data centres and major sites.

The Colt IQ Network can deliver critical benefits to those of our clients operating in Capital Markets:

It has allowed us to serve our clients in creating a financial extranet, Colt Prizmnet, combining 100 exchanges and more than 10,000 participants around the world. This gives our clients rapid and cost effective access to any connected organisation via a single physical connection.

It offers on-demand SDN connectivity, allowing us to set up connections faster than ever before. With global coverage and ultra low-latency dedicated connections from trading venues to the Cloud, we can connect you to markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, with enough bandwidth to cater for High Frequency Trading.

Through the Colt IQ Network, our market data feeds provide European, Asian, and North American financial markets, offering 50+ feeds from exchanges covering equities, derivatives, commodities and foreign exchange. The Colt IQ Network can provide consistent data quality even at periods of high volatility.