Capital Markets: How will London's high-bandwidth upgrade change the way you do business?

The Colt IQ Network has seen recent expansion in London and other key metro areas important for the Capital Markets sector. Spurred by customer demand even before the pandemic, it has now seen a massive increase in demand by customers who have moved much of their employee base to home working. Find out what this high-bandwidth extension means for the Capital Markets sector.

What is the Colt IQ Network and what can it offer Capital Markets?

Offering industry leading high-bandwidth connections the Colt IQ Network connects 900+ data centres across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs, with over 27,500 on net buildings. Recent upgrades on Colt’s core optical network in 2019 have prepared it to deliver 400Gbps via its Wavelength service in the near future.

The speed and flexibility of the Colt IQ Network brings key advantages to the Capital Markets sector. Not only has it allowed Colt to offer specific sector products for the Capital Markets industry, such as the highly praised Prizmnet (combining 100 exchanges and 10,000 market participants from around the world), the flexibility of its high-bandwidth network allows clients to restructure their business models and present new ways of delivering their products to their customers. The Colt IQ Network is therefore a key component of any Capital Market participants’ digital transformation.

What does the high-bandwidth densification upgrade mean?

Colt’s fibre densification project has taken place not just in London, but simultaneously in Berlin and Dublin, adding 300km of high-bandwidth fibre in these key cities. Beyond that, in Eastern Europe, fibre extensions have totalled 7000km. It positions Colt as a leading network and high-bandwidth connectivity provider for the coming technologies of the 2020s.

Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt at the time of the project, “We know that as the world shifts dramatically towards wireless networks, having fibre in the ground becomes increasingly important. The projects we announced last year in Eastern Europe, Dublin and Berlin, customers are now benefitting from these, and the London expansion sees Colt extending its already impressive fibre footprint in the UK capital.”

From Linimex’s point of view as Colt’s number 1 UK partner, the expansion of the high-bandwidth fibre in London is a great step forward for our Capital Market clients. Colin Cargill, head of sales at Linimex, explains: “A large part of our client base is made of Capital Market clients, from brokerage firms through to trading platforms. Being in a position to provide continuous high-bandwidth connectivity with flexible networks sets us apart from our competitors in offering integrations with upcoming technology. Fibre is the backbone of connectivity, and it will still be so in the next decade of 5G and the move to wireless technology.”

“As for the present, we have seen a massive uptake in on-demand connectivity from clients across the board, not just those in Capital Markets. The urgent move to home-working in this time of pandemic has placed our technology at the forefront of the shift in how organisations operate, launching a home-working strategy that, before 2020, was deemed as a gradual shift expected to take place over 5 years. The pandemic has forced the move to home-working upon us, and other trends have speeded up as a result. Almost all of these are utterly dependent on high-bandwidth connectivity, be it accessing documents and programs in the Cloud, to virtual meetings.”