Two projects illustrate how Colt is key to Capital Markets infrastructure. But how could this benefit you?

Linimex Account Director Vajahat Ahmad looks east to explain how two recent network projects from Colt have upgraded the global Capital Markets industry, demonstrating how your organisation can benefit.

One of the most rewarding aspects in my role at Linimex is seeing firsthand how rapidly the world is getting connected. From a data centre in London to an office in Singapore, the fibre networks that are driving the fourth industrial revolution are enabling us to do business faster, more efficiently, and increasingly, from anywhere.

As an account director overseeing clients in the Capital Markets sector, there are two recent projects that have been delivered by our partners, Colt Technology Services, that illustrate how this revolution is taking place.

Tokyo to Hong Kong: reducing latency between two vital stock exchanges.

Across the world, high-frequency trading is pushing the requirement for faster connectivity. To meet the need of the most demanding buy-side and sell-side firms, Colt’s ultra-low latency network service was chosen to link the Japan Exchange Group and Hong Kong Exchanges.

Linking the financial ecosystems of brokers, investment funds, banks and FX firms, the ultra-low latency solution has benefited from Colt’s continual investment in its fully owned fibre infrastructure, and serves as a key part of Asia’s connectivity. The result has seen substantial reductions in latency between the two financial hubs, with Colt offering the best of breed infrastructure network to financial customers.

At Linimex, our clients in the UK benefit from Colt’s low latency networks which have recently seen improvements in densification and expansion, allowing us to meet the demands of our customers digital transformation needs. Many also take advantage of Colt’s MarketPrizm solution, delivering more than 50 data feeds from exchanges and liquidity venues servicing equities, derivatives, commodities and FX, allowing them to retain their position as market leaders.

Taiwan: Making the move to continuous trading across three exchanges.

Taiwan’s Capital Market infrastructure received a boost when three of its key exchanges came together to launch continuous trading. The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), The Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX), and The Taipei Exchange (TPEx), brought the process in to improve transparency (providing pre and post-trade information), improve efficiency (eliminating any waiting time for matching), and to better support more order types. This allows the TWSE to broaden its appeal amongst its existing customers as well as to attract new ones, meeting a global standard used in the world’s major exchanges, and allowing customers to access market data in both raw and normalised formats across the TWSE, TAIFEX and TPEx.

Colt Technology Services provided the group with a fully hosted capability, based around the Banqiao data centre in Taipei’s technology corridor. Providing rack space, hardware hosting, connectivity, and offering access to capital market content providers via its award-winning extranet service, PrizmNet, delivered through global strategic PoP’s, the service has been live since March 23rd, 2020.

The Taiwan project is an excellent case study in the range of products and solutions that Colt and Linimex can offer our clients. From ultra-low latency connectivity in metropolitan areas throughout the world, to providing a full technological ecosystem for market exchanges as well as the provision of content feeds, Colt, via Linimex, is at the forefront of innovation in Capital Markets.