Meet Linimex's new Sales Director, Colin Cargill.

Linimex welcomes their new Sales Director, Colin Cargill. A veteran of the telecommunications industry and a well known face amongst telco insiders, Colin has expert knowledge of Colt solutions and unmatched experience in realising complex communication challenges across a range of sectors and international markets.

His experience with Colt started when the Internet was still in its infancy. Starting as a New Business Sales Executive at Colt in September 1996, he worked his way up to the position of Senior Account Manager and looked after major London West End accounts covering a variety of sectors including Financial, Media, and Manufacturing. From there, Colin moved into Sales Management, running teams across the UK, Ireland, and the Nordics, before becoming head of the Capital Markets sales team.

Colin’s experience throughout his time at Colt saw him working with some incredibly innovative companies doing some fantastic things. Whether producing live streams from the City providing real time financial information, providing essential communications to remote parts of Africa for oil companies, or helping a global media company streamlining their South East Asian ERM, Colin’s experience has enabled him to provide a solution to complex technical challenges.

But on top of his vast experience Colin also brings with him his business ethos and connections to the Colt family. Totally focused on understanding our customers challenges and creating a world class customer experience, Colin appreciates how Linimex can add value. Being positioned as Colt’s number 1 partner in the UK, Colin is looking to identify his customers’ pain points and really understand their drivers. Bringing the thought leadership and pioneering technology of Colt to address these challenges, Colin is confident that Linimex is well placed to serve the market.

And it’s a market that is in perpetual change, and nevermore so than in this pandemic. As the world adapts to different working practices at an unprecedented speed, the existing trends in the industry have been driven forward by brutal necessity. From remote working to more emphasis on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, all relying on cloud services, Linimex, through Colt’s technology and innovation, is at the forefront of the market.