Are your remote workers in need of Cloud Prioritisation to improve access to Office 365 and the Cloud?

It’s quite possible that the onset of Covid19 and the restrictions on movement that followed have forced upon us perhaps the greatest single change in working habits in the UK in our history. Every sector has been affected, as too has every location. And the speed with which it has happened is entirely without precedent.

With the mass movement of people to remote working, Linimex have seen a spike in demand for Cloud Prioritisation services amongst new and existing clients seeking to access Office 365.

The business options are limited in this case. Traditional redundancy planning might have allowed a firm to relocate and work from a new premises, but in a situation where the entire country is in lockdown, then the only alternative is home working for those who can.

The demands this has placed on the nation’s bandwidth is strenuous. On the Today program on BBC Radio 4, guests and commentators were regularly lagging in their interviews as they attempted to participate from home locations. And for businesses who have allowed their staff to work from home locations, access to Cloud-based software and video conferencing can be noticeably slow.

The public internet is struggling to satisfy the needs of both a population instructed to remain at home and a remote workforce adapting to this new reality in just a few weeks.

At Linimex, we have seen first hand how this has driven a spike in demand for our Cloud Prioritisation solution, provided through the Colt IP Access service. As part of Microsoft’s Azure Peering process, both new and old customers can choose how much of their bandwidth is dynamically reserved for Microsoft SaaS, and applies to both incoming and outgoing traffic. And what is more is that there is no specific technical solution necessary – the bandwidth on the Colt IP backbone is virtually unlimited.

This allows our customers to reach Office 365 with a reliability and consistency, and at a speed which is now beyond the public internet, with guaranteed transfers of up to 100gbps. At these speeds, accessing Cloud SaaS or participating in video conferencing is lag free and has made the transition to home working possible.

We are living through a period of immense and sudden change in the way we work, and it might very well be the case that such a forced digital transformation has brought forward a trend of home working that will remain after the crisis has passed.

So if you are experiencing lags, or your access to the Cloud and Office 365 is intermittent, then contact Linimex and we can guide you through the Colt IP Access solution.