SDN connectivity and COVID19: How Linimex has adapted.

SDN connectivity in COVID19

In our position as Colt’s No. 1 UK Partner in providing high-bandwidth and flexible SDN solutions to our clients, the onset of COVID19 has spurred on a change that was already in progress. The sudden move to home-working, and the management of that remote workforce by our clients, was something we too had to implement. Managing the transition across 3 continents and 3 time zones, Linimex’s staff were aware from the outset of what would have to change, having advised many clients on their digital transformations over the years. Nonetheless, the transition has given us all a deeper understanding of client needs.

SDWAN in Capital Markets and investment banking.

SDWAN Capital Markets and Investment Banking

A large investment bank operating in the Capital Markets sector, with offices in several European countries, found itself suffering due to a mix of different platforms and networks provided by different vendors across the continent. With legacy IT issues resulting from a fusion of providers and platforms, information was increasingly delayed and client service was in jeopardy. The solution: the move to a single provider across the continent, using a SDWAN to form the basis of a flexible and future-proof network to combine different sites securely.

Capital Markets: How will London’s high-bandwidth upgrade change the way you do business?

London Capital Markets high-bandwidth fibre

The Colt IQ Network has seen recent expansion in London and other key metro areas important for the Capital Markets sector. Spurred by customer demand even before the pandemic, it has now seen a massive increase in demand by customers who have moved much of their employee base to home working. Find out what this high-bandwidth extension means for the Capital Markets sector.

Meet Linimex’s new Sales Director, Colin Cargill.

Linimex welcomes their new Sales Director, Colin Cargill. A veteran of the telecommunications industry and a well known face amongst telco insiders, Colin has expert knowledge of Colt solutions and unmatched experience in realising complex communication challenges across a range of sectors and international markets. His experience with Colt started when the Internet was still in its infancy. Starting as … Read More

The Colt IQ Network: the key infrastructure to Capital Markets in Asia Pacific.

Colin Cargill, Sales Director at Linimex Ltd, Colt Technology Services biggest UK partner, offers an insight in to the Singapore Metro: an end-to-end, fully owned fibre network that provides high bandwidth solutions to enterprise and wholesale customers. Fully integrated to the Cloud, the flexibility that this solution can offer capital markets customers is not to be ignored.

Colt Technology recognised as ‘Visionary’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Colt Technology Services have been recognised as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global. Find out what this means for you. The IT consultancy Gartner has released its latest Magic Quadrant market research report, and Linimex are extremely pleased to report that Colt has achieved the rank of ‘Visionary’ in the group. A Visionary is one that is … Read More

Colt awards Linimex ‘Colt Partner of the Year’ status for 5th consecutive time. A testament to our service, our technical knowledge, and our ability to deliver.

It was an eventful three days for Linimex at Colt’s 2020 Sales Kick Off in January this year. Held in Berlin, and attended by over 850 Colt delegates from around the world composed of sales teams, partners, agents, and assorted guests, the event included a gala dinner and a team building exercise (involving various musical instruments), as well as hosting … Read More