Why hosted IP Telephony is the right move for your business

In the existing economic climate, every business wants to squeeze every conceivable penny out of its budget. Of course, telecommunications is a key aspect the operations of every business, and thus all enterprises wish to assure that they are set up in this respect in the most cost efficient and effective manner.

Fortunately, the competitive nature of the contemporary global economy means that there is no shortage of telephony options available to even small and medium-sized enterprises. There has never been a better time to find a communications solution to fit your needs, but by the same token, making this decision has never been more involved and complex.

Traditionally, business and telephony IT systems have necessitated companies to splash out on expensive equipment and to run such systems internally. This has been negated by the advent and popularisation of the Internet, and now cloud computing is offering companies even more technologically advanced systems, which completely obviate the need for high spec and expensive IT equipment.

Thus, Hosted IP telephony, a telephony system which is reliant on the Internet and cloud-compatible, is becoming more and more popular, and not without good reason. Here are some of the motivations behind companies switch to Hosted IPT.

Easy Migration

Migrating to a fully enabled IP network is extremely straightforward, not to mention cost effective. Businesses can continue to use existing IT equipment alongside the hosted service, and indeed once the hosted IP server is up and running. Furthermore, Hosted IPT is fully supportive of both digital and analogue phones. A Hosted IPT is vastly more flexible, growing with your needs as an organisation, than an offline premise based system.

Ongoing Cost Benefits

Hosted IPT will undoubtedly save you money compared with a premise based system; the latter tending to necessitate rather steep setting up charges. There are no such issues with Hosted IPT, and the monthly subscription model which is usually inherent with Hosted IPT systems means that your company gains financial flexibility as well.

Low Risk Strategy

Studies have indicated that cloud-based Hosted IPT can actually improve productivity, while your company takes on none of the risks that are traditionally associated with purchasing IT equipment.

Flexible System

As the technology surrounding Hosted IPT continues to move forward and develop in quantum leaps, the capabilities of Hosted IPT are broadening all the time. One of the major advantages of the system that is well established is the fact that Hosted IPT systems enable the same system to be used for both voice communication and data storage.

Convenient Upgrades

The very nature of cloud-based Hosted IPT means that businesses which sign up for it incur virtually no expense at all when upgrades become available. Certainly there is no expensive IT equipment to purchase should you need, or simply want, to upgrade your telephony systems. Hosted IPT grows with you, and this is one of the obvious advantages of the system over its premise based competitor, whose offline nature will necessitate relatively frequent IT upgrades.

The Zeitgeist

There is a keen desire on businesses, particularly in this fast moving information age, to stay relevant. It is quite obvious that cloud computing will become a huge part of commerce in the coming years – if, indeed, it isn’t already – and it is absolutely self-evident that the Internet is already. Thus, the notion of having an entirely offline telephony system, as offered by premise based systems, seems completely antiquated. Pretty much any serious business is going to want Hosted IPT, and this trend will only become more cemented in the coming years.

Thus, the choice of a Hosted IPT telephony system over a premise based one looks not so much a decision, as a matter of common sense.

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