Getting the best value from your BT Business telephony

For many businesses, the thought of migrating their traditional telephone lines to SIP is a daunting one. Compatibility issues with their existing telephone systems and in some cases, fear of the unknown, mean making the jump in technologies is often reduced to a project that is put aside for another day.

If this sounds like your business, or even if your company hasn’t thought about making the jump in technologies, here are a couple of tips to get the most value out of your existing infrastructure.

In 2009 Ofcom announced that they would be deregulating BT, allowing them to offer much more flexibility in their calls and lines portfolios. This regulation had been in place for 25 years since BT’s privatisation, and was removed, as BT no longer had “significant market power” in the industry. In the past, BT had to come to market with more of a “one size fits all” approach as part of this regulation. What this change in regulation meant, was that they were then able to offer their customers bespoke packages, based around a customers specific usage.

Although this regulatory change was fairly well publicised, many customers are still not aware of some of all of the call packages that are available to BT customers. In the current portfolio, the main calls and lines package is the BT Business Complete, which offers bundled minutes to UK Local / National and International destinations, as well as a small amount of numbers to mobiles. These minutes can then be shared across a number of lines. This is great for some companies, but for others, that call international destinations that aren’t included within the bundled minutes (some areas in the Middle East, for example) this package is not a cost effective solution.

In this instance, it is possible to have a bespoke “BT Flex” package put together. Using our easy and complimentary comparison service, we are able to take your existing billing data, and run this information through the billing platforms and establish an exact breakdown of usage and cost on a per destination basis. It is then possible to apply individual discounts to the relevant area of usage (calls to international mobiles, for example).

Alternatively, if fault response is important to your business, then it is possible to add bespoke pricing to BT’s advanced service care packages, Total care (4 hour response, 24/7) and Critical care (1 hour response, 24/7).

This service is not just reserved for existing customers – if you are with a 3rd party provider, we can run a similar report on a previous bill (if it is provided as a .CSV file or an original, downloaded, fully itemised PDF) to show a like for like comparison between current provider and BT Business. On average, we have been able to save our customers 29% on their existing voice services!

Another tip for BT ISDN30 customers is to have free NCP (Network Call Performance) reports added on to your account. What this will give you is a full overview of your BT estate and the number of calls made and received by each telephone line. It also includes information around if the calls were answered, received an engaged tone, or the user hung up. What this will allow you to see, is firstly, if you have enough capacity on your existing ISDN30 lines, but also, whether the rest of your lines in your estate are actually being used. For big companies, with a large PSTN estate, it is not uncommon to find multiple analogue services that have been unused for weeks, months and even years, yet have not been ceased for one reason or another. By establishing whether these lines are being used, it is possible to streamline existing infrastructure and then reuse or remove redundant services.

If you would like to find out more about any of these services, or any other service from BT, please contact us on or 020 3728 1540

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