Cloud IT Services and 6 reasons to adopt them

These days more and more people are adopting cloud IT services and reaping the benefits for their business. Here at Linimex we are a big supporter and user of the cloud, so we thought we would explain the cloud and some of the key features that your company can hope to utilise by making the move to cloud IT services.

What is the cloud?
Very simply put, the cloud is a place, usually in a data centre, where you can store all of your apps and services and you can locate your data securely.  The cloud allows you to work from anywhere with an Internet connection, as your information is always accessible.

So why should I use it?
For many people, the migration to cloud IT services is a simple decision. However as always with new technology, sometimes it is hard to justify change. Cloud IT services have many benefits, here are 6 reasons why we think it is a good idea to move your business services into the cloud.

Disaster recovery
With cloud IT services, the risk of losing business critical data and services is a thing of the past. Service providers spend enormous amounts of money in ensuring that your data is accessible all the time. And if there IS a problem, then they are there, on site, to fix any issues as and when they arise. A study by Aberdeen Group found that companies that use the cloud resolve issues in 2.1 hours on average, compared to 8 hours for businesses that don’t use the cloud.

Flexibility & Scalability
With Cloud IT services, it becomes possible to grow your IT quickly and easily with your business. There is no need to buy more servers, or have engineers come to site to set up new users on the telephone system. All of these things can be completed remotely by your provider, meaning you can set up new users in a matter of minutes. Similarly, if you need to reduce the size of your user base, it is simply a case of removing users from your package, and there is no waste of premise based resources.

Environmentally friendly
Rather than having multiple servers in your office for all of your different applications and services, you only utilise what you need in the cloud. Cloud IT Service providers utilise data centres that make far more efficient use of power than your everyday office environment, and by only using the resources you need, you reduce your carbon footprint. Simple.

Now this one is usually a BIG factor in anyone’s book. Historically, if you want to open a new office, there are CapEx costs coming out of your ears. Good news people – with cloud IT services, the provider has already made the vast majority of infrastructure investments. Gone are the days of having to buy a premise based PBX or huge server estate. All you need is the end point hardware (a desk phone / softphone or laptop for example) and an Internet connection.  Not only is this a hell of a lot cheaper than buying your own equipment, but also means costs are much more manageable when going through periods of transition and growth.

Automatic updates
Cloud IT service providers are constantly updating their hardware, software and services to the latest versions available on the market. This not only means that you are benefitting from the most up to date platform to work from, but it is all done as standard, with no input from yourself. This saves you not only precious time and operational resources, but also means you don’t have to pay for software updates for your premise based equipment every time new versions are released. Score.

Flexible working
When all of your services are stored in the cloud and are accessible from the Internet, the whole world becomes your office. Flexible working environments are often much more productive, as people can work at any time from anywhere. Cloud IT services allows you and your staff to stay nimble and agile. Working from home is simple, and remote working policies are easy to implement and manage. This can lead to increased staff satisfaction and an increase in productivity.

So, there is a quick run down of what cloud IT services are, and how they can benefit your business. For more information on the wide range of services available, please contact us hereor call 020 3728 1540.

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