We are Linimex.

Linimex is more than just a telecommunications consultancy – We believe that technology can be used to help businesses of all sizes to become more agile, more responsive and more capable of delivering their services to their customers. We help companies do this by providing best in class network, voice, data centre and managed cloud services to businesses of all sizes, all around the world.

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AIG - American International Group - Colt - Linimex

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Award Winning Quality

Linimex is an award winning consultancy, and coupled with Colt’s multi-award winning network, you can have peace of mind your network is in safe hands.


Global Network

Colt’s world class network infrastructure is made up of more than 168,000 Km of fibre and 29 data centres, covering 3 continents and 205 cities.


Industry Leaders

Colt are recognised globally as being a pioneering and forward thinking Telecoms and IT services company. Coupled with the Linimex vision, we’re at the forefront of our industry.


Our Company



Our Approach.

Our approach is focused on building relationships and understanding them. We believe that we are able to affect positive change for our customers, by having a deep-rooted understanding of their business, their customers, their approach and their vision. This understanding allows us to provide the correct infrastructure and engine to support that vision and it’s continued growth and development.

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Colt Platinum Partner Logo

Our Relationship with Colt.

Through our partnership with Colt we are able to leverage their world class infrastructure to provide our customers with reliable IT services that help them to achieve their business objectives and focus on their priorities.

This relationship with Colt means that Linimex are able to be small enough to be adaptable and responsive, but gives us the systems, capabilities and unrivalled technical know-how of a multi-billion, global network and IT services company.


Our Work



Who we work with.

With over 40 years combined experience in the telecoms and IT industries, Linimex have worked with companies in every market imaginable. With such a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry, our services are applicable to every sector. Take a look at just a few of the names we work with.

Liquidnet - Colt  - Linimex

Mitel - Colt - Linimex


BFI - Colt - Linimex

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